About us

ADTM Experience

ADTM is an independent non-governmental public organization in Moldova.The institution specializes in actions to promote the tourism sector, professional developing skills, tourist phenomena research, encouraging partnerships destinations in Moldova. ADTM has no and commercial political affiliations.

ADTM aims at achieving the following objectives:

  • Contributing to promote tourism, forms of tourism, tourist areas, image of national and regional tourism destinations, conservation of natural and cultural-historical tourism.
  • Encouraging and achieving partnership between key social actors, promoting cross-border and international cooperation in tourist areas and exchange of experience in tourism.
  • Development of new tourist destinations, efficient management programs tourist areas, tourism arrangement of the territory, diversification of tourist locations in Moldova and informing the public.
  • Socio-economic projects and protecting the natural and built environment in tourist areas, protection, arrangement and exploitation of tourist resources.

Areas of specialization

We develop our work in several directions based on:
  • Organizing seminars, conferences, trainings, roundtables to attract qualified in priority areas of activity of the Association.
  • Analysis of socio-economic problems, legislative and regulatory, ensure environmental sustainability, instructional teaching, promotion and information faced by Moldovan society in tourism and related services.
  • Provision of assistance informational, scientific, methods and techniques of public authorities, entrepreneurs in the field, researchers, turists, tourism resource managers and stakeholders in tourism development.
  • Providing assistance consultative,review, evaluation, planning, monitoring in all sectors and socio-economic spheres.

Asociation members have experience of participation in various national and international projects at the level of experts and project managers:

  • General Urban Development Plan ETAP Chisinau and Chisinau city;
  • Elaboration of PUG Orheiul Vechi, implementation of local development projects in tourist areas;
  • Elaboration of diagnostic study and local development strategies villages Cojusna, Olanesti, Cigarleni, Vadul lui Voda, Project LGRP, USAID;
  • Elaboration of diagnostic study and local development strategies of cities Glodeni, Vatra, Criuleni, Social Investment Fund in Moldova;
  • Elaboration of diagnostic study and local development strategies villages Frumoasa, Raciula, Harjauca, Project “Local Agenda 21″, PNUD Moldova;
  • TACIS CBC Project “Capacity building investment in the tourist zone Hancesti-Leuseni”, The project “Development of tourist routes in the border area Nisporeni-Prut”;
  • Assist owners of the districts agripensions Calarasi, Orhei, Stefan Voda in partnership with ACSA;
  • Making the nurse works five entrepreneurs in rural tourism village Milestii Mici, Republic of Moldova supported by INWENT and Spelleken Associates, Germania.


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