Consulting in tourism

ADTM Consultant

ADTM specialists team evaluates and monitors the tourist market and contributes directly to the development of studies, researches and analyzes the development of the tourism, destination development, local economic development, the involvement of public authorities to develop tourism and others.
Starting in 1997 with the support of experts from ADTM in Moldova were conducted numerous studies, research and expertise in the field of tourism. Until now, scientists have developed ADTM over 30 publications and studies on tourism in Moldova, and starting in 2007, ADTM actively participate in developing the capacity of national and regional tourism destinations.
ADTM advising the individual and corporate client’s office or ADTM.

 Market Research
 Capacity studies
 Feasibility studies
 Solutions for tourism business
 Solutions for arrangement in tourism units
 Tourism branding

Strategic Planning:

 Elaboration of development strategies in touristic locations
 Evaluation of touristic areas
 Creating effective models of touristic destinations
 Elaborating business plans for tourism activities
 Regional tourism development plans

Capacity studies of tourism companies:

 General informations (identification data, management, priority investment areas, and other.)
 Business Relationships (suppliers & clients and other)
 Internal Audit Reports
 Economic and Financial Analysis
 Characteristic credit history
 The ability to use investment portfolio optimization schemes
 Behavior within the consortium and corporate activities
 Conclusions & Recommendations

Feasibility studies for tourist complexes:

1. Project justification
2. Specifications
3. Marketing plans
4. Financial analysis
5. Economic and financial analysis
6. Institutional and organizational framework
7. Technical project
8. Approvals

Marketing in tourism:

 Sectoral and competitive studies
 Marketing Strategy and Planning
 Market research
 Studies of the impact
 Studies of best practices

Tourism Development & Advocacy:

 Advisory support in business in moldavian tourism
 Studies of the impact of state policies and strategies in tourism
 Foreign Investment Promotion activities for tourism destinations

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