New network which includes 6 certificated at international standarts of quality touristical agro-pensions
(28 january 2016)

Tourism development partnerships on the medieval route of Moldova
(21 december 2015)

Moldova will have a medieval touristic route
(11 december 2015)

Premiere in Moldova! Our country will have a medieval touristic route

Trade shows and exhibitions

Launch of a new book ”The Agroturismul in Moldova”

The agroturism in Moldova promote itself slowly, but safely 

A new museum on the Route of the Medieval localities in Moldova
16 decembrie 2015)

Thematical excursions on the medieval route of Moldova
7 december 2015)

National and museal guides talk about The medieval route of Moldova
(27 november 2015)

Travelling through The medieval route of Moldova

(23 november 2015)

Agrotourism on the Route of the Medieval localities in Moldova
(16 noiembrie 2015)

How to transform a country house in a lucrative business in agritourism
(09 january 2015)

Agropansions in the country could obtain international certificates of guarantee of quality
(09 january 2015)

Five opportunities for investors in tourism on the Danube
(23 december 2014)

10 museums will be converted to tourist information centers on the Danube
(15 december 2014)

On holidays, at Lăpușna
(12 december 2014)

New descovers in Lăpușna
(21 november 2014)

On vacation – in Hincesti!
(30 october 2014)

Lăpușna – a new touristical destination
(27 october 2014)

Project to encourage mobility of transport and tourism on the Danube
(13 october 2014)

Agritourism, hospitality-based business, historical and natural monuments
(07 october 2014)

Lăpuşna, from medieval trade route to the contemporary touristic route
(26 september 2014)

The official launch of construction work at the Voievodal Court
(07 august 2014)

ADTM participated in the ITB Berlin to promote the project Transdanube.
(05 March-09 March 2014 )

European project launched to support tourism cooperation in the Black Sea basin
(28 February 2014)

Was held meeting of the working group in the project Transdanube in the historic town Veszprém, Hungary
(11 February 2014 – 14 February 2014)

Was launched  project TransDanube in Moldova. The event took place at the hall Giurgiulesti.
Youtube Source
(29 November 2013)

Rehabilitation of medieval Voievod Court Lăpușna for touristic visits (HistoryTour)
Youtube Source
(24 October 2013)

ATDM Proposals for TOURISM 2020 Strategy
(24 August 2013)

ATDM Proposals for Strategy of Agriculture/ Rural Tourism
(24 August 2013)

Implementation Report SDT 2012
(2 February 2013)

State Tourism RM 2003-2010
(13 March 2012)

Investment for moldavian tourism
(March 2012)

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